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The Importance of Grip When Choosing Safety Gloves

by | Feb 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Grip plays a vital role in hand safety. Lack of good grip can cause an occupational hazard. If workers are using a glove that isn’t providing them with the required grip, companies are at risk as workers are likely to remove their gloves and expose their hands. 70% of workers who experienced hand injuries were not wearing their safety gloves. Workers experience approximately 250 000 serious injuries to hands, wrists and fingers each year. According to OSHA, wearing a safety glove decreases the risk of hand injuries by almost 30%.

safety gloves with good grip holding on to oily parts

The good news is that most hand injuries are preventable. There are a variety of PPE options when it comes to safety gloves. The most important part of hand protection is finding the correct glove for the correct application. Fortunately Knight Safety Gear has Granberg® glove and hand protection specialists to help with this.

Grip should be carefully considered when choosing a glove as it is a fundamental characteristic that contributes to the overall performance of the glove. Your hands are essential for work and everyday life. Each hand has 35 muscles that work together to provide movement. Dexterity, flexibility and comfort are extremely important features to consider when choosing a glove as workers are at risk of dropping objects and causing risks for others if their gloves do not provide good grip.

Selecting a glove with the suitable grip for the application is crucial. Grip can be enhanced by adding materials to the palm of the glove such as a silicon strip for excellent dry and wet grip, a nitrile coating for outstanding grip in oily or dry conditions or polyurethane for excellent grip in dry or wet conditions. Granberg® gloves are renowned for their excellent grip and dexterity. Here are a few examples:

Silicone Strip:

Granberg® 115.9003

This impact approved glove has a silicone strip and Black G-tech® Oilgrip reinforcements on the palm and fingertips for excellent grip in oily, wet and dry conditions. It has a sewn-in ProTex® membrane which keeps hands warm and dry when working.

Granberg® 115.9001

This impact glove, produced for extreme working conditions, has a a green silicone strip and Black G-tech® Oilgrip reinforcements on the palm and fingertips for excellent grip in oily, wet and dry conditions.  Its neoprene cuff provides comfort and wrist protection.

Nitrile Coating:

Granberg® 114.0933

This general handling glove has a patented nitrile foam coating and is highly dexterous. Not only is it comfortable but it also outperforms the EN388:2016 abrasion maximum requirement by 300%.


Good grip decreases hand fatigue and workplace injuries. Considerations should be made in the decision process to ensure that workers are using the correct gloves for their application. Should you need help finding the right glove solution, contact our glove experts who will be happy to help: