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Granberg® is a Scandinavian leading manufacturer of protective gloves for various industries, healthcare, and retail markets. With a product portfolio of more than 220 different types of protective gloves.

Granberg Group offers high-quality hand protection: cut-resistant, chemical–resistant, vibration-absorbing, water- and cold-resistant, extreme-fit assembly, disposable, and other special protective gloves. The Granberg® brand of safety gloves is well known in our five areas of expertise:

1. Industrial (eg. construction, oil and gas)

2. Food and Fisheries

3. Tactical

4. Healthcare

5. Sport and Leisure


With more than 60 years of experience, the Granberg Group focuses on implementing new, sustainable technologies for hand protection. We provide great solutions for hand protection: safety, durability, and efficiency. Granberg’s portfolio includes Kozane® textiles, a company that produces high-performance fabrics for PPE, healthcare, sport, and motorbike clothing that is cut- and abrasion resistant. We are ready to assist you in choosing the correct hand protection.