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Learn More about Our Award-­Winning Products

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Learn More about Our Award-­Winning Products

Winners of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

When design meets performance and functionality

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally recognized seal of quality and design with a history that spans more than 60 years. Previously having won the award in 2015 (Granberg® 9001 and 9002 gloves) and again in 2016 (Granberg® 5501 gloves), Granberg emerged once more victorious this year from a strong group of participants which is testimony to the extraordinary design of our products and won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 for three of our cut and impact resistant EX® by Granberg gloves:

  • EX® 4999W – Cut, Impact, and Water-Resistant Winter Gloves EX® with MicroSkin Shield® synthetic material and a waterproof ProTex® membrane.
  • EX® 3260 – Cut, Impact, and Water-Resistant Gloves EX® with Goatskin palm, Spandex® back, TPR impact protection, waterproof ProTex® membrane and a thin polyester mesh liner.
  • EX® 3270W – Cut, Impact, and Water-Resistant Winter Gloves EX® with Goatskin palm, Spandex® back, TPR impact protection, waterproof ProTex® membrane and winter lining.

Red Dot Family 2022


EX® 4297W had been a very successful glove for a long period of time, and due to the latest demands in the market the product evolved over the years into the current Red Dot winner EX® 4999W, in line with demands from a Norwegian national oil and gas company.

EX® 3260 and EX® 3270W were developed as a solution for a cut-resistant and impact-resistant glove using goatskin for the oil industry and other environments. Goatskin is extremely breathable and soft, and nothing else can replace it in terms of comfort.

Besides delivering top quality and product performance, we keep pushing the boundaries in design to offer our customers the best there is in hand protection without compromising on comfort, grip, or functionality.
The success of Granberg’s product development and product portfolio is a result of the dedication of our experienced research and development team and its close customer relationships.

The winning gloves are all designed in-house by our own design team.

About the EX® by Granberg series

EX® stands for EXemplary, EXtreme, and EXceptional. EX® by Granberg is a range of high-performance protective gloves, using both chromium-free synthetic leather as well as goatskin for an exclusive feeling and with Hi-Viz green details for extra visibility.

Suitable for: extreme working conditions within the oil and gas industry, drilling, extraction and refining, shipping, trawlers, mining, tactical/police/military, demolition, rigging, heavy construction, tool pushing, and other related industries with very high demands for hand protection, or for outdoor work performed in cold and/or wet weather involving the risk of cut and impact injuries.