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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Granberg® Impact Gloves

by | Feb 10, 2020 | 0 comments

How long should you wait before replacing your work gloves? This is a question the Knight safety Gear glove specialists get asked a lot! Are your gloves lasting as long as they should be? Are they the correct gloves to be using for your application? Are you missing out on new innovations and features like waterproof barriers and improved grip?

There are many reasons to upgrade your safety gloves – but we’ve narrowed these down to our top 5 reasons why you should invest in Granberg® Impact Gloves:

1. Your safety record is compromised

If you are searching for ways to reduce reported incidents, hand safety is the place to start. Most hand injuries in the workplace are completely preventable by wearing the correct hand protection. Granberg® Impact Gloves are proven to reduce workplace incidents with their innovative impact protection, EN rated cut protection and added safety features. Many gloves are cleverly marketed as impact gloves with well-placed padding or foam but do not have the necessary certifications. All Granberg® impact gloves are EN cut and impact certified.

2. Your gloves are worn out

If you use your safety gloves often and for too long, they will eventually wear through, leaving holes or tears. Some people replace their gloves every week to avoid this. This is too often, unnecessary and costly! We combat this by using the highest quality compounds and raw materials in our gloves to provide greater durability and protection. The results are impressive as our best safety gloves last longer than the average glove. Durability is key as it reduces the cost of replacements and protects your hands where others don’t.

3. You are tired of cuts

Any artisan will tell you that working with your hands could lead to cuts, splinters and scrapes. Whether it’s minor scratches or major cuts, these can all be avoided by wearing the correct cut protection. Granberg® Impact Gloves offer the highest levels of EN approved cut protection. Granberg’s Kozane material provides greater cut, abrasion and slash resistance than any other textile or fabric in its class.

4. You need better grip on slippery sites

When dealing with oils and grease, a good grip is hard to get. Workers have to apply much more effort to grip things without slipping and causing hazards. Granberg® Impact Gloves offer features that radically improve grip in these types of oily work environments. Our gloves are fitted with durable, grip-enhancing materials such as a silicone stripe and sandy nitrile specially for extreme working conditions.

5. Advances in safety technology

Technology is forever evolving and so are our gloves. Today, safety gloves are more flexible, more comfortable and offer more protection than in the past. Workplaces are now demanding better hand safety technology to ensure the highest level of safety. Innovations and technologies make gloves more comfortable and easier to use. Granberg’s added features like insulation for cold work environments, waterproof barriers and neoprene cuffs encourage workers to keep their gloves on. This is vital as 70% of hand injuries occur when workers are not wearing their gloves.

Not sure which Granberg® Impact Gloves are the perfect fit for you? Our hand protection experts will find the glove solution for you –