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Is glove selection a case of sleight of hand and misdirection?

by | Oct 21, 2019 | 0 comments


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Is hand protection dark magic, smoke and mirrors, or is it a case of what you see, is what you get?

Magic or sleight of hand has become a real science. The magnitude of the act has escalated in line with the budget as well as the expectation of the entertainment value. But the reality is this, magic is still essentially about misdirection and sleight of hand. Add to that a touch of smoke, a measure of mirrors and you have a magic act.

Sadly, hand protection has also become a bit of a magic act. When customers are faced with selecting the correct style and model of glove, they are expecting to get expert and professional advice from a subject matter expert. Instead they end up with a (second-rate) magician, using misdirection, and sleight of hand to make a recommendation.

What customers are expecting to see and hear is the truth. What are the current standards? What does it mean? What can I expect from the glove? What can I stand to lose by choosing incorrectly? What they are getting is incomplete information, incorrect facts, insufficient explanations and ultimately the wrong product.

You see, understanding what the standards mean and how fundamentally different the old standards are from the new standards, how the bar has been raised, is not a magic act, just fact. But there is a cost to get the products up to standard and when manufacturers or importers are not able to do so, it normally means that either they can’t, or they won’t because of the cost.

Fortunately for the consumer this is the information age, everything they need to know is available on-line. No longer having to rely on sketchy information or unreliable service providers, customers can find out the truth for themselves. This takes the illusion, magic and guesswork out of selecting the correct glove. If, however, you are still struggling to find the information or to make sense of it, why not reach out to us and we will give you all the (correct) information you will need to make the correct choice, every time. Alternatively, you can look for yourself online and discover simple, no smoke, no mirrors, no sleight of hand, just the truth.

Get in touch, we think you’ll be glad you did! Granberg – Fearless Performance

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