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Kozane®‘s cut, tear, puncture and abrasion-resistant fabrics can be used to create high-performance personal protective equipment (PPE), from cuffs and sleeves to full-body overalls. Cut-resistant fabrics are widely used in the glass industry, sheet metal processing, vehicle manufacturing, waste management and recycling, and other high-risk industries.


Glass Manufacturing

We know that your employees’ health and safety is paramount. That’s why we work with leading glass manufacturers to ensure Kozane® offers the very best protection against cuts and lacerations caused by moving, lifting and handling glass.

The UK’s Glass & Glazing Federation recommends adequate PPE for glass industry workers, all of which can be produced using Kozane® cut-resistant fabrics. What’s more, Kozane®‘s unique composition, flexibility and breathability make it extremely comfortable to wear – vital for repetitive, manual tasks and working in warm conditions.

Offering the highest possible cut, tear and puncture protection according to the EN388:2016 standard, personal protective equipment made from Kozane® Extreme can effectively prevent serious cuts and lacerations.

Sheet Metal Processing

Handling sheet and strip metal can be a dangerous activity. As many as a third of all injuries in the engineering industry involve cuts and lacerations caused by sharp metal. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made from Kozane® cut-resistant fabrics offers superior protection against such hazards while ensuring workers remain cool and comfortable throughout the day.
Whether your employees are moving and cutting sheet metal in a factory environment or altering parts on-site, choosing Kozane® could see workplace injuries become a thing of the past.

Food Processing

Kozane® fabrics are uniquely versatile in offering high cut protection and suitability for use in the food industry. They are flexible enough to be used in protective clothing from gloves and arm guards to full-body overalls.