Who we are

Proud Suppliers of Granberg Gloves

Globally, hand injuries rank between 1st and 2nd place for all work-related injuries. Based on this information alone, Knight Safety Gear was launched on the premise that industrial hand safety is not getting the focus required, and that Personal Protective Equipment distributors, who should in principle be the custodians of their clients and their employee’s best interests, are quite frankly not. At Knight Safety we want to change the status quo and ensure that people are getting the best product for the correct application.

Hands are at the forefront of what we do, every day. Our hands are almost always the first point of contact at work, are exposed to the elements most often and yet remain extremely fragile and largely un- or under-protected. Our hands need to matter more.

Knight Safety Gear is investing in partnerships with customers, to ensure that we move beyond simply reducing hand injuries, we’re interested in eliminating hand injuries. We believe that by working closely with our customers, the very end-user themselves, as well as our supplier, together we can find solutions that eliminate hand injuries completely. 

Knight Safety Gear is a global supplier of the multiple award winning Granberg glove and industrial hand protection range, which has won the prestigious German Red Dot Design Award for three products, over a two-year period. By working with a supplier who is as obsessed as we are about keeping hands safe, we ensure the world’s most innovative, demanding and performance-oriented glove range is available to you.

Collaborative relationships are the key to our success, as well as a hands-on, highly technical and industry leading sales and support team. Together, we can ensure that your workplace becomes safe and productive, the keys to your success.