Granberg® Gloves: Less one trick pony and more Lipizzaner

Any good parent would always tell their children in sport, school and life, to play to your strengths. Find that one thing you were really good at, and build around that, hopefully this would be enough for you to get by and survive and/or prosper. We even see this philosophy in sports teams where the game plan evolves around even the physiological proportions of the players. It is actually relatively easy to find the one thing you are good at, if you only have one thing. But what if you have many talents? Look at the Lipizzaner horses, they are trained to perform a multitude of tasks and tricks and wow crowds around the world with their disciplined performances. They are still horses, just better.

circus ponies

So much like the little pony who could parade around the circus arena, trotting smartly with some costumed performer on its back (and that’s the only trick it can perform), we have a multitude of glove brands and models doing the rounds that aggressively punt the virtue of their glove. Please note I said virtue, because we normally hear only about one of these:

  • The cut resistance
  • The chemical resistance
  • The impact resistance
  • The abrasive performance

On top of that we are still surrounded by a majority of product that has not yet been upgraded to the 2016 iteration of the standard, but that’s another discussion for another day.

What if you had a glove that could offer:

  • Cut resistance AND chemical resistance AND impact resistance.
View the 115.9011 View the 115.9012
Impact chemical protective


  • Chemical resistance AND food approved AND virus approval AND abrasive resistance to a level 4 on the 2016 standard.
View the 114.1000
Nitrile chemical resistant


  • An assembly glove with high abrasion resistance AND water and oil repellent AND contact heat resistance.
View the 114.4279
black extreme fit assembly gloves


  • Cut resistance to a level F on the 2016 standard AND high abrasion resistance AND puncture resistance to a level 4.
View the 115.9003
cut F impact glove

So, if you are tired of running with a crowd of one trick ponies, try Granberg® Hand Protection (the Lipizzaners of hand protection).

We are gloves, just better.